What are the Features of an Acoustic Door ?


Both sides of the doors can be acoustic. According to the demands, one side can be covered with an acoustic panel and the other side with an acoustic fabric. Doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf. Acoustic doors have 55% sound insulation feature. The doors go through a testing phase following production phase.



What is an Acoustic Door?

Acoustic doors are door models used in environments where sound insulation is made. When the doors of acoustically isolated spaces are remained standard, they reflect the sound and impair the quality of hearing. Acoustic doors are insulating products that prevent the flow of sound from the outside to the inside and from the inside to the outside. Providing that the space is soundproofed, acoustic doors are used as complementary elements.


Where to use an Acoustic Door?

Acoustic doors are mostly used in environments where people are intensely crowded. These environments are places such as cinema and theater halls, conference halls, shopping malls, sound recording studios, simultaneity rooms, multi-purpose halls, television studios and restaurants. Insulated building materials are preferred in order to avoid sound level disturbances and hearing problems, especially in areas with stage-hall features.