In Which Areas Are Shaft Caps Used?

Fire-resistant shaft covers (intervention covers) are covers used to protect electrical panels, sections with water and natural gas installations against a possible danger. It is very easy and simple to use by everyone with the triangular (allen) lock on it. It is produced in all kinds of special sizes. It is within the scope of fire regulations.

How to Create Electrical Shaft Caps?

In these systems, which are used as panels and cabinet doors in areas where electrical installations are located, the wing thickness is usually 60 millimeters. While there are special Z reinforcements inside these covers, special heat insulation materials are seen on the facades. All safety elements are applied on the edges and peripheries of the covers. The important point in these applications is the creation of the system in accordance with the regulation.

Shaft Caps

Shaft covers are products that must be used in installation areas such as the use of fire doors in buildings. In these products, preference should be made according to the economic situation, the dimensions of the structure and the type of product that will meet the needs. Many different products can be supplied so that the shaft cover can be reached from all over Turkey at a more central point.